It seems that whether a wife is a witch or not depends on men. When a woman marries a good man, she makes up her mind to live a good life with him. Her choice will make her gain and loss. She may be better and more loving for her forever. If the man doesn't want her after she makes such a contribution, she will become an old woman. So, if you want your wife to be an angel forever, you should treat her as an angel first. Even if her appearance and temper are not like an angel, but you really treat her as an angel, she will give her angel's temperament and gradually become an angel. There is no natural witch, only the day after tomorrow's yellow face. A man who doesn't respect women, a man who doesn't understand women, he can't see angels, only meet witches. Although it is a virtue in marriage, if there is love, there is no patience, only. When you look at your woman, she doesn't care about being a witch. Therefore, if you want an angel woman, let her be an angel in your heart first. Because every woman in the world who is called "wife" has the potential to be an angel. You will find that your transformation can create a real angel. It's creation, it's maintenance, it's easier than patience. What is a wife? Former passers-by Former friends Today's partner Partner of A bosom friend of A lifetime summary. A woman is a piano. When she meets a famous player, she plays a famous piece of music. If an ordinary person plays, she may play a pop music. If she meets someone who can't play, she may not be a song. I think the analogy of marriage is roughly the same. It's really hard to be a good woman. It's not just to be a good woman! It should be a good one! Good daughter-in-law! It's just that one person can't be called a hundred people's heart. It's really comprehensive How hard! In the dark, everything has its own arrangement. Let him go. Cherish it. Grasp today, that's enough! A person's power is actually very limited, there are many things in life that we can't change, so try to change ourselves! And life is like a mirror, you laugh and she laughs. Some people have experienced a lot of disasters and spent a lot of hard time together, so they can recognize her only one by one finger in the vast sea of people in this life; and some people have to accept the tribulation of seeking and bear the baptism of wind and rain to join hands again because of the mutual responsibility and exclusion of grudges in the past life. It's not easy to have two. Some have to face gossip, some have to face betrayal, some have to face secular pressure, some have to face the choice of life and death But in any case, the world of two people is heaven, and the life of two people is. Too many scenes are actually the reason why two people come together. Can we give up the love we used to have and the promise we promised to give up?